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A1 Movers. Three Practice Tests. 2018 Version. Osborn Anna.


Give your child the support they need in English These new practice test materials for Cambridge English: Movers (also known as Young Learners English: Movers) support young learners and include comprehensive guidance for both teachers and parents. By working through the practice tests, children will feel ready for what they need to do on the day of the test, and will also have fun whilst they are learning. The book includes: 3 full practice tests with a colourful and clear design to motivate and encourage young learners, and prepare them for what they will see in the real test A full guide to each part of the test Ideas for exam preparation activities Model answer recordings for the Speaking paper - recorded by young native English speakers so that learners hear examples of correct English again and again


A1 Movers. Three Practice Tests 2018 Version. Osborn Anna. (2018, 81p.)  

Format: pdf 

Size:  10,7 Mb

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A1 Movers. Three Practice Tests 2018. Audio CD  (2018).

Format: mp3 / zip

Size:  81 Mb



A1 Movers. Three Practice Tests 2018. Parent's Guide. (2018, 81p.)

Format: pdf 

Size:  8,6 Mb

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A1 Movers. Three Practice Tests 2018. Teacher's Guide. (2018, 58p.)

Format: pdf 

Size:  8,5 Mb

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A1 Movers. Word List Picture Book for exams from 2018 (2018, 36p.)  

Format: pdf 

Size:  22,8 Mb

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Test I
Listening 4
Reading & Writing 12
Speaking 26
Test 2
Listening 30
Reading & Writing 38
Speaking 52
Listening 56
Reading & Writing 64
Speaking 78

The Collins practice tests book for Cambridge English Qualifications: A1 Movers helps young learners to prepare for the Cambridge English Qualifications: A1 Movers test. These three practice tests reflect the structure and content of the official test, providing authentic practice for students at this level.
The Teacher's Guide and Parent's Guide are available, free of charge. They contain a comprehensive overview of each section of the test, so that teachers, parents and students can become acquainted with the test. They are full of tips and ideas to help students to prepare for the test and they also provide full answer keys, scripts for the Speaking papers and audio scripts of the online recordings. They also include the official A1 Movers vocabulary list.
The recordings for the Listening papers, as well as model answers for the Speaking papers, can also be found in the Audio scripts & Answer Key booklet. These not only demonstrate the interchange that students can expect in the Speaking papers, but also give students the opportunity to practise speaking in English so that they can be fully prepared and confident about what to expect on the day of the test.


О том, как читать книги в форматах pdf, djvu - см. раздел "Программы; архиваторы; форматы pdf, djvu и др."






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