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Barron's. IELTS Strategies and Tips. 

Barron's: 2016, 2nd ed., 296p.

Getting a high score on the IELTS begins with a plan. This book offers test-takers a range of strategies for choosing the best methods for answering questions, along with useful tips that help them make choices quickly and efficiently. Together, these tips and strategies will give prospective test-takers a plan for success on each module of the exam--Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Practice questions with fully explained answers and an MP3 CD add to the benefits of this unique test guide.


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Definitions 1
IELTS Basic Strategies 1
Reading 2
Listening 8 IELTS Basic Tips 12
IELTS Study Contract 12
Self-Study Activities 13
Overview 19 General Strategies 20
Listening for Words 20
Listening for Numbers 23
Specific Strategies 24
Section 1—Conversation 24
Complete a Form 24
Complete a Table 26
Choose Answers from a List 28
Section 2—Talk 30
Complete Sentences 30
Label a Diagram, Plan, or Map 31
Give a Short Answer 35
Section 3—Discussion 37
Choose an Answer from Multiple Choices 37
Label a Diagram 40
Match Words and Phrases 42
Section 4—Talk or Lecture 45
Classify Words or Statements 45
Complete Notes 47
Complete a Flowchart 48

Strategy Review 50
Overview 55

Strategies 57
Matching 57
Short Answer 59
True, False, Not Given and Yes, No, Not Given 61
Labeling a Diagram 64
Completing Sentences 66
Matching Sentence Endings 68
Choosing Headings 70
Matching Information 73
Choosing Answers from a List 75
Classifying Information 77
Completing Notes and Summaries 79
Completing Tables and Flowcharts 81
Multiple Choice 83
Strategy Review 85
Overview 93 Task 1 96
Sample Graphics 96
General Strategies 98
Recognize the Parts of a Graphic 98
Use the Title 100 Opening Statement 101
Summarize the Information 101
Describe the Graphic Using Time 104
Describe the Graphic Using Location 106
Describe a Process Diagram 108
Describing Data 110
Ask Wh- Questions 110
Show the Steps in a Process 113
Analyzing Data 117
Compare and Contrast Data 117
Summarize Similarities and Differences 120
Describe Changes and Trends 122
State Facts 125 Conclusion 127
State the Purpose 127 Grammar 129
Prepositions of Time 129
Prepositions of Amount 130
Comparisons 131
Plurals 133
Articles 134
Subject-Verb Agreement 135
Verb Tenses 137 Spelling 139
Check and Revise 140
Strategy Review 144
Task 2 146 Introduction 147
Restate the Task 147
Give Your Opinion 149
Write a Thesis Statement 150 Body 151
Expand Your Thesis Statement 151
Introduce Details 153
Conclusion 154
Summarize Your Opinion 154 Grammar 156
Gerunds and Infinitives 156
Modals 157
Active and Passive Voice 158
Relative Pronouns—Subject 159
Relative Pronouns—Object 161
Real Future Conditionals 162
Unreal Conditionals 163
Punctuation 164
Apostrophes 164
Check and Revise 166
Strategy Review 174
Plan Your Essay 174
Write You r Essay 179
Revise Your Essay 182
Overview 183
Part 1—General Questions About Yourself and Everyday Situations 185
Everyday Vocabulary 185
Verb Tense 195 Part 2—Speak on a Topic Given by the Examiner 198
Introduce Your Talk 198
Pay Attention to Question Words 199
Personal Feelings 202 Part 3—Conversation on Abstract Topics 205
Introduction 206
Supporting Details 208
Clarification 210 Strategy Review 211
Answer Keys 213
Audioscripts 254
Answer Sheet 285
Audio Track Titles 290

A strategy is a plan. A tip is a suggestion. A strategy tells you how to answer a question. A tip will help you answer it quickly.
The IELTS exam is a two-hour exam with four parts and many types of questions in each part. You need to have a plan before you start to answer these questions. You need to have a strategy. There are many possible ways to try to answer a question; you must find the best strategy for you.
The tips in this book will help you make efficient choices. The tips will make you a faster, more proficient test taker. A good test strategy combined with useful tips will improve your efficiency and increase your score on the exam.

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