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Barron's. IELTS Practice Exams. 


Barron's: 2016, 3rd ed., 466p.

This newly updated 3rd edition with MP3 CD prepares test takers for success on the IELTS, an English competency test thats recognized by more than 9,000 organizations in over 145 countries. The program presents: Six full-length Academic Module IELTS practice exams with answers and explanations Six full-length General Training Module IELTS practice exams with answers and explanations Audio prompts for all of the tests' listening modules Sample responses for the writing and speaking modules ESL students can increase their language fluency by using this book and MP 3 CD package alone, or they can use it along with Barrons IELTS, Essential Words for the IELTS, and IELTS Strategies and Tips, all of which contain extensive practice and review for all of the IELTS test sections.


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Introduction 1
What Is IELTS? 1
How to Use This Book 1
Using the Answer Explanations 2
IELTS Study Contract 3
Self-Study Activities 4
Practice Test 1 11
Answer Key 43
Answer Explanations 44
Practice Test 2 53
Answer Key 84
Answer Explanations 85
Practice Test 3 93
Answer Key 124
Answer Explanations 125
Practice Test 4 133
Answer Key 165
Answer Explanations 166
Practice Test 5 175
Answer Key 206
Answer Explanations 207
Practice Test 6 215
Answer Key 246
Answer Explanations 247
Practice Test 1 257
Answer Key 279
Answer Explanations 280
Practice Test 2 285
Answer Key 307
Answer Explanations 308
Practice Test 3 313
Answer Key 337
Answer Explanations 338
Practice Test 4 341
Answer Key 363
Answer Explanations 364
Practice Test 5 367
Answer Key 389
Answer Explanations 390
Practice Test 6 395
Answer Key 417
Answer Explanations 418
Audioscripts for Listening Parts 1-4 421
How to Use the MP3 CD 460

This book contains six complete Academic Module tests and six Reading and Writing sections for the General Training Module.
The IELTS has four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The listening and speaking sections are identical for both Academic and General Training test takers. Therefore, those two sections are not repeated in the General Training part of this book. Students who are studying for the General Training module should use the Listening and Speaking sections of the Academic Module tests, and turn to the General Training part of this book for the Reading and Writing sections.



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