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Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test. 

Collins: 2013,  - 192 p.

Collins Vocabulary and Grammar for the TOEFL Test is designed to help students master the vocabulary and grammar that they require to get a high score in the TOEFL test. This book also exposes students to the task types they will encounter in the TOEFL test. There are tips and strategies for how to approach the various test tasks which will enable students to improve their skills, gain confidence, and achieve the score they need.


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Index of question types v
About this book vi
Unit 1 Visual art and architecture 8
Unit 2 Literature 12
Unit 3 Music and dance 16
Unit 4 Comparing and contrasting 20
Life Science
Unit 5 Bioiogy 24
Unit 6 Medicine and healthcare 28
Unit 7 Animal behavior 32
Unit 8 Opinions 36
Social Science
Unit 9 History 40
Unit 10 Business and economics 44
Unit 11 Sociology and archeology 48
Unit 12 Cause and effect 52
Physical Science
Unit 13 Technology and computers 56
Unit 14 Climate and environment 60
Unit 15 Chemistry, physics, astronomy 64
Unit 16 Reporting verbs 68
General Topics
Unit 17 College campus vocabulary 72
Unit 18 Prepositions 76
Unit 19 Paraphrasing 80
Unit 20 Prefixes and roots 84
Key grammar for the independent writing and speaking tasks
Unit 1 Review of verb forms 88
Unit 2 Review of articles 92
Unit 3 Subject-verb agreement 96
Unit 4 Comparative structures 100
Unit 5 Modals (present and future) 104
Key grammar for the integrated tasks (speaking and writing sections)
Unit 6 Conditional sentences 108
Unit 7 Problems and solutions 112
Unit 8 Reported speech (1} 116
Unit 9 Reported speech (2) 120
Unit 10 Gerunds and infinitives 124
Key grammar for the reading and listening sections
Unit 11 Reference words 128
Unit 12 The passive 132
Unit 13 Conjunctions 136
Unit 14 Relative clauses 140
Unit 15 Office hours conversations 144
Key grammar for all sections
Unit 16 Causatives 148
Unit 17 Introductory there and it 152
Unit 18 Paraphrasing 156
Unit 19 Nominalization 160
Unit 20 Common errors 164
Overview of the TOEFL test 168
Answer key 174
Audio script 183
Word list 190

Who is this book for?
This book is intended as a preparatory tool for any student intending to take the TOEFL test. It provides an introduction to the vocabulary and grammar that are needed in all sections of the test.
Why are vocabulary and grammar important to the test?
Vocabulary: A good knowledge of general academic vocabulary is essential for all four sections of the test. The reading and listening sections both have specific vocabulary questions that check understanding of vocabulary in context. Rubrics for the speaking section include "effective use of vocabulary" and rubrics for the writing section include "appropriate word choice and idiomaticity."The speaking and writing sections of the test also require you to read academic texts and paraphrase or summarize them in your own words. As well as knowledge of academic vocabulary, you will need to be able to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words by using context and applying knowledge of word roots, suffixes, and prefixes.
Grammar: Although the TOEFL iBT Test doesn't have specific grammar questions, knowledge of English sentence structure and ability to understand and use a range of grammatical structures is necessary for all sections of the test. For the speaking section, you should be able to speak confidently, without obvious grammatical errors that could distort meaning. According to the speaking section rubrics, the candidate should "demonstrate effective use of grammar" and "exhibit a high degree of automaticity, with good control of basic and complex structures." For the writing section, students should "display facility in the use of language, demonstrating syntactic variety and range of vocabulary." A good understanding of grammatical structures is also required to understand the passages and answer the questions in the reading and listening sections.


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