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Dictionary of Contemporary Slang.  Tony Thorne

Third Edition. - A & C Black Publishers Ltd, 2005 - 512 pages.  

Review: This book is absolutely the best about "slang" that I have ever seen. Every "slang" word that I can think of is in here. If you need books for an interesting read or to help with teaching English then this is one of those you must have.

"A definitive and indispensable guide, containing more than 6,000 expressions and over 15,000 definitions from across the English-speaking world."

"In this new edition of the highly acclaimed and bestselling Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, Tony Thorne explores the teeming and ever-changing underworld of English, bringing back intriguing examples of eccentricity, irreverence and anonymous wit from the linguistic front-line. The author has carried out original research among slang users and slang connoisseurs and has trawled all manner of written sources - the result is a definitive and indispensable guide, containing more than 6,000 expressions and over 15,000 definitions from across the English-speaking world. As well as examples from Britain, there are thousands of American, Australian, South African and Jamaican slang terms. So, if you have ever wondered who or what an oof is, where you would expect to find a gurgler, what you would do if someone caned your biffs, and just why you would need a bozo-filter, then this book is your guide.

"The Dictionary of Contemporary Slang describes racy and unorthodox words and phrases in use from the 1950s to the new millennium. Fully revised and expanded, with lively examples of usage throughout, this up-to-the-minute reference work paints a vivid picture of our cultural and social preoccupations.

"(And if you wondered what those extraordinary terms mean, an oof is an attractive woman, a gurgler is a toilet in Australia, cane is British youth-slang for devour or cadge and biffs are cigarettes, while a bozo-filter is computer slang for a device that screens out unwanted electronic messages.)"



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