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Hot Topics 1-2-3   Cheryl Pavlik  

Издательство: Thomson; Heinle, 2006, 1-190с., 2-190с., 3-216c. (with audio CD); Instructor's Manual - 152с.

HOT TOPICS is guaranteed to engage readers, stimulate thinking, and provoke conversation while developing vocabulary and reading skills. The controversial topics explored in the text all have more than one side to them, thus encouraging debate and classroom discussion.

• Three readings per chapter explore the same hot topic from different points of view. The readings in each chapter vary by genre and increase in difficulty to support reading development.

• A focus on reading skills and reading comprehension through pre-reading questions, skimming and scanning activities, the use of context clues, vocabulary analysis, and the development of critical thinking skills helps students increase their reading fluency.

• Open-ended questions at the end of every chapter encourage students to voice their opinions and defend their viewpoints either through discussion or in writing.

Hot topics 3 differs from the preceding two levels in that the majority of readings are authentic or only slightly adapted from sources such as the New York Times. CNN, and the BBC.

The Instructor's Manual supports Hot Topics 1-3 through teaching notes with additional classroom and Internet activities, answer keys, video scripts and video clip summaries, theme and chapter summaries, cultural and historical background information, and audio tracking for each reading.



Hot Topics 1.


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Video ( 1 file; wmv; 37 min )

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Hot Topics 2.


Format: pdf 

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Audio 1 ( 29 files;  wma)

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Audio 2 ( 25 files;  wma )

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Hot Topics 3.


Format: pdf 

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Audio 3 ( 13 files;  wma )

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Hot Topics Instructor's Manual for Books 1-2-3. Cheryl Pavlik and R T Chase


Format: pdf 

Size:  60 Mb

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Brief Contents   ( Hot Topics 1 ) Brief Contents   ( Hot Topics 2 )

Contents iv
To the Teacher vi
Chapter 1 Pampered Pens: Love me? Love my dog! 1
Chapter 2 Silly Sports: Can you really call this a sport? 13
Chapter 3 Modern Marriage: Until death do us part? 25
Chapter 4 Shopping: The new drug of choice 37
Chapter 5 Las Vegas: Sin City 49
Chapter 6 Shoplifting: Why is the price tag still on your hat? 61
Chapter 7 Gluttony: You are what you eat! 73
Chapter 8 Get-Rich-Quick Scams: Have I got a deal for YOU! 84
Chapter 9 Sports Doping: Does it matter if you win or lose? 96
Chapter 10 White-Collar Crime: When А LOT just isn't enough! 108
Chapter 11 The Homeless: Its not their choice 121
Chapter 12 Beauty Contests: The business of beauty 132
Chapter 13 Drug Trends: Legal but lethal 144
Chapter 14 Nature: Paradise Lost—Can we get it back? 156
Appendix CNN® Video Activities 169

Contents iv
To the Teacher vi
Chapter 1 Reality TV: Would you be a survivor? 1
Chapter 2 Violence in Sports: When is a game not a game? 10
Chapter 3 Advertising: We know what you want before you do! 21
Chapter 4 Fashion: You mean you're wearing THAT! 34
Chapter 5 Work: Is it interfering with your life? 44
Chapter 6 Internet Dating: Is this really YOUR photo? 56
Chapter 7 Anger: I'm not angry/ You're angry! 67
Chapter 8 Psychics: What do they know that we don't? 79
Chapter 9 Beauty: Mirror, mirror, on the wall .. . 91
Chapter 10 Lying: What's THAT on your resume? 103
Chapter 11 Intelligence: How important is it? 115
Chapter 12 Graffiti: You call this ART! 127
Chapter 13 Child Labor: Who made your sneakers? 139
Chapter 14 Infidelity: Our cheating hearts 151
Appendix I Guess Meaning from Context-—Matching Exercises 163
Appendix 11 CNN Video Activities 168


Brief Contents   ( Hot Topics 3 )


Contents iv
To the Teacher vii
Acknowledgments xi
Photo Credits xii
Chapter 1 The Cruelty of Strangers: Who can you trust? 1
Chapter 2 Crime and Punishment: Justice for all? 14
Chapter 3 Fertility Now: Babies by design 28
Chapter 4 Gambling: Wanna bet? 43
Chapter 5 The Disabled: Handicapped? Not us! 54
Chapter 6 Marriage: Why marry just one? 67
Chapter 7 Prostitution: Looking for a good time? 79
Chapter 8 Education: Is everyone cheating? 91
Chapter 9 Gender: Are women weak? Are men necessary? 105
Chapter 10 Immigration: Is it time to shut the door? 119
Chapter 11 Business: Globalization or cultural imperialism? 133
Chapter 12 Sex Education: How much do we need to know? 148
Chapter 13 Cults: Path to God or somewhere else? 162
Chapter 14 Strange Brains: Unlocking the secrets 178
Appendix CNN® Video Activities 191



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